Hot Beverages | Superb Hot Food | Fruit, Yogurt and Ice Cream

AWESOME Hot Beverages

Espresso – Single or Double
An intense caffine hit – Strong, concentrated and less bitter than you might think, espresso is the building block of all of our FrothyCoffeeMan coffees.

Classic coffee prepared with love – The Cappuccino is one or two shots of espresso prepared with hot milk and steamed foam. It’s an original favourite with a milky insulating layer allowing the drink to stay hotter for longer. Perfect for those busy office mornings!

Americano – Black or White
A hot shot in the dark – Caffé Americano or just simply Americano coffee is prepared by adding equal parts of hot water to espresso, this keeps the rich flavour giving a similar strength to regular drip coffee but a richer taste. Just to keep you in awe, the strength of an Americano varies with the number of shots of espresso added. Ooooh! And if you add the espresso to the cup of water it’s called a Long Black. This subtle change breaks up the crema altering the taste.

Caffé Latte / Flat White
A smooth velvety experience – A latte is a shot of espresso and steamed milk, with a little foam on top. Add a dash of syrup for a naughty treat!

Flat but not boring – the Flat White is made with a little less milk and not so much heat, using the micro foam from the bottom of the steel jug! Posh Frothy Coffee!

Smoulderingly exotic – Mocha is a caffé latte but with added chocolate. A Frothy Coffee Man firm favourite.

Stained but no imperfection – Macchiato means ‘stained’. It is an espresso with a dash of foamed milk. It may look like a baby cappuccino but it packs a punch with a much stronger and aromatic taste.

Hot Chocolate
A nectar from the Gods – Hot Chocolate combines the intensive taste of cocoa with the smoothness of real milk and long-lasting milk foam. Oh and to spoil you rotten, marshmallows and cream if you so desire… A Frothy Coffee Man must have for those chilly days!

Infusion Confusion -The Frothy Coffee Man is confused by tea but supplies Twinings English breakfast tea. Twinings say “Bright, full-bodied and full of flavour, English Breakfast is perfect for clearing away your cobwebs at any time of day.” If Twinings say so, it must be true!

Special Projects
Do you fancy a change from your regular drink? Come and tell your friendly FCM who will be happy to advise and encourage you to be a guinea pig for the latest concoction.

Now For Something Completely Different:

  • Decaffeinated espresso (all the flavour, none of the kick!)
  • Syrups – Caramel, vanilla & hazelnut. It’s crazy but FCM also has other seasonal flavours available dependent on err, well ummm seasons.
  • Soya milk (for the dairy conscious)
  • Teeny weeny marshmallows
  • An extra shot of espresso (not for the faint hearted or weak hearted)
  • Whipped cream (for the hedonists)

Superb Hot Food

The Frothy Coffee Man only uses local award winning craftsmen for his hot food
It’s fresh every day, it’s full of real ingredients and it’s filling.
Pain au Chocolat – French Maid
Rolls of French filo pastry filled with chocolate and randomly sprinkled with generous chocolate chips

The Best Bacon and Cheese Wrap
Best butchers bacon topped with gorgeous melted mature cheddar wrapped in flaky pastry. It tastes as great as it sounds.

Super Sexy Sausage Rolls.
Hand crafted with love and sold with pride, something of a signature dish on the Frothy Coffee Man van. Try one and find out why.

OMG! SSSRs just got a new friend!
Introducing the Super Sexy CHORIZO Sausage Roll.

Yes, it is very very very good.

Perfect Pasties.
An impressively proportioned, handmade snack in a Cornish stylee, packed full of meat and two veg it helps you through the day.

Proper Pies.
Why proper? These handmade beauties are full of generous chunks of proper meat (or veg). Available in steak, steak and kidney, chicken and ham, turkey and ham along with a vegetarian version with a fabulous Ratatouille style filling.

The Eggsteroid
Possibly the largest Scotch Egg in the world, er… Surrey, er…… definitely Leatherhead (at time of going to press). An enormous chicken egg wrapped in one of 3 mouthwatering flavours; chorizo, black pudding and plain sausage meat and covered in golden bread crumbs. This is huge and so amazingly tasty. These out of this world creations are available to pre-order only.

Due to high demand The Frothy Coffee Van generally sells out of hot food by 11 am, you can pre-order which guarantees delivery click on the Reserve food tab.

Fruit, Yogurt and ice cream

Fruit Boats
Vast quantities of fresh seasonal fruit served on a generous slice of melon.
Warning: May contain nuts, pips and seeds because it’s real fruit and it’s seasonal.

Taywell Ice Cream
Handmade luxury gluten free ice creams in various traditional and exotic flavours with some suitable for diabetics. An absolute tastebud treat. You haven’t had ice cream until you’ve had Taywell!

Greek Style Yogurt with Blackcurrants (175g)
Made with fresh cream, milk and blackcurrant compote our Greek style yogurt with blackcurrant is thick, creamy and irresistible. Ideal as an indulgent dessert or as a luscious, tasty snack, it is pure and simple and decadently delicious. A health giving, bio-live yogurt made using the active bacterium Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus plus probiotic Bifidobacterium. (Yes really…)

Sandwiches, Wraps and Ciabattas
Too many to list but they come from yet another award winning family business, there is a delicious option to suit all budgets. and the Frothy Coffee Man wants to give you a free sandwich. Ask about the FCM loyalty cards.